Beading the womantory

Beading the womantory

25.03.2017, 21:33

History and mythology are the binder that brings us together, the base
for dignity and self-respect. However, women's history often remains
hidden from ordinary people. Ukrainian historian Martha
Bogachevskaya-Khomyak compared the history of women with traditional
embroidery in white and white: the metaphor is sad but true. I propose
a new option to reveal and show the world white faces of scientists,
artists, human rights activists, writers, to color the past and have a
hand in making history. The idea is to make an art object from beads.
The beaded art project is planned for the unique Gender Museum in
Ukraine www.gendermuseum.com. On a large canvas, spirally, in the form of an
ammonite, women's faces will be placed. And the place between faces
will be filled with beaded symbols, telling about the achievements of
the activist. So, next to Grace Hopper you can bead a "bug", or a
stylized computer. I propose you to choose the one woman you want to
tell about and make her framing. Pieces of beaded symbols shouldn’t be
larger than 5 to 5 cm. And then you send your objects to the Gender
Museum. There we will assemble all the pieces into a whole picture and
our common efforts will become an art object in the museum, a story
about women's power and women's history. Join now!